Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And, we're off!

The semester has started and students are starting to find their way to the Moodle site, where so far, they are managing to register and upload pictures of themselves, set up their profiles , etc. So that's a relief. Now I just hope my grad students do as well.

Meanwhile, we are scrambling through two grant proposals and the co-I who was helping me with the one that's due next week got food poisoning two days ago. Argh. I think we will make it anyhow, but it's going to be close, and stressful. And, the worst thing is that we are still trying to contact potential speakers for the workshop series; if they say yes, we immediately need commitment letters, 2-page CVs, and biographical blurbs. This is a big change from the last grant cycle's requirements, which said that the letters would strengthen your proposals, but weren't required. So that's been a lot of fun to deal with; I love emailing people I don't know (and those I do) and asking for huge favors. On the up side, they've been quite nice about it, and two of these lovely people have said yes so far. If we get the grant and run the series, I'll brag about who they are. :-)

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