Sunday, December 16, 2007

In a sort of mourning

Sadly I report the theft of my laptop--a 2005 powerbook pro. :-( I had just about all of the data backed up, but now I can't really work at home and more than anything else, I miss my slim, silver mac. I hadn't realized the extent to which I was really sort of living in that machine. I guess I really have become post-human. Score for Katherine Hayles.

The most tiresome additional irritant is that I need a laptop for my next Rotterdam trip in early January. Since we have renter's insurance, I could replace it, but I've heard Apple will release a cool, new little 13" aluminum-cased notebook with a flash drive instead of optical, at the MacWorld Expo in mid-January. This is exactly what I've been wanting--a smaller, lighter Mac. So I don't want to buy something now, I want to wait.

If only I could find a Mac rental joint in Rotterdam.

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