Friday, March 14, 2008

And a settled panel schedule becomes a moving target

Ok, I know people have personal situations that come up, but this week we have received cancellations from about five people who just last week were saying how much they looked forward to meeting us. Grrr. But it's ok, we juggled everything, the show has gone on. But now we are having issues over the alcohol and I really don't see how we can have dinner without drinks...I mean come on, we are all grown ups, we've traveled far, worked hard to present good papers. Anyway, I will not be sad to shed the hat of conference co-chair.

And because I've been running round like a maniac trying, along with Betsy, the other chair, to settle this stuff, I've hardly had a chance to hear any of the talks. So that's a bit disappointing, though I have at least gotten to meet and chat with many of our speakers. The worst aspect is the finances--the school just doesn't have much funding to support this kind of thing; they want us to raise our profile, but that costs money!

So yeah, lots of fun...

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