Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Open source women back each other up program

The Open source women back each other up program is not really a techy program, but rather:

1. a program I completely and utterly support because in the US at least it is really needed.

2. an interesting example of how the meaning of a techy concept, open source, is being contested. Or rather, how it's metaphorical meaning is being contested. And I agree with one person who comments on the whole thing, the guy who came up with the "open source boobs" phrase should have been saying public domain. Jackass.

--And this is what started the whole tempest to begin with.

And while I will say like everyone else, this response of course is parody; I find it really really tempting sometimes.

The science fiction community--more fun than a barrel of weasels. Or ferrets. yeah.

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