Sunday, July 6, 2008

M/E/M/E 2.0 by Danja Vassiliev

Node Mode by Danja Vassiliev
Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver
Another great project was Node Mode which consisted of a computer that created a network, a mechanical device made of 28 cd drives that would open and close via a web interface, and a camera mounted on the device that sent pictures of the open cd tray back to the browser. In each tray was a disc made of circuit board material and etched with various "buttons" typical of those we click every day on webpages. The pictures of these discs became image maps in the browser windows.

Both this project and Gordo's are interesting in that they are concrete objects that a collector or museum could display and at the same time can be controlled by or have an impact on websites which anyone might access. This seems a much more interesting kind of interactivity.

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