Thursday, May 22, 2008

Award-winning Chaos

Award-winning Chaos
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So my college (humanities and social sciences) had the end-of-term meeting and awards ceremony.

The recent (and ongoing) stress of budget cuts, and the just-this-week-resolved stress of the Retention/Promotion/Tenure (RPT) process has left people pretty punchy, so while most of the awards were quite serious, a few were NOT. --And really everyone was giggling through almost the whole event, without having had even one "adult beverage."

I was honored to have my efforts recognized in winning the Desktop Structural Achievement Award, conferred every year on the faculty member who, well, I think the picture says it all. --Taken immediately after the ceremony and, I must say, after earlier this week cleaning up a little. (seriously).

Of course I's prefer it to be neater, but I find that when I am working really hard, I naturally generate some kind of chaotic field. At least that's my story. And honestly I may agree that neat people are just too lazy to look for things. ;-)

I will reassure any future hosts that I never treat other people's spaces this way! As soon as I can I will post the text of the speech honoring my achievement, and a picture of the trophy, which is enormous!

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