Monday, May 19, 2008

I guess they're keeping me another year

So I've finally got the word from the powers on high that I have been retained in my job next year. Now I just have to make it through the actual tenure review in Spring 09... And even though the issue has been been debated across disciplines for decades now, still there is little recognition of work done outside traditional venues. --So, this blog counts for nothing, the rhetorically themed wiki I've created with students is not worthy of recognition, the monthly articles for a webzine, (but I think that's just because it's popular and not scholarly). And when I say they don't count, I mean they are not mentioned in the various letters at various levels that make recommendations about retention and tenure. Why after all this time have we not figured this out? Or maybe it's just my school? --Well, it must be more than just my school, because in 2006 the MLA issued a report finding that half of all US colleges and universities have trouble with this issue, and the current issue of Kairos takes the criticism even further.

I'm coming to realize that in a variety of ways US scholarship on new media and ICTs may be slipping, and it's still not being consistently recognized by our own institutions really aggravates the problem by creating disincentives for scholars to experiment with non-traditional ways to publish their work and participate in disciplinary conversations.

But of course I never take the easy route, so I don't know I'm even talking about this; it won't really change anything I'm doing!

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