Monday, July 9, 2007

Other interesting graduation projects

There were other good projects too; I posted the too that most captured my attention, which had to do not only with the project itself, but how much the student was right there as part of it, demonstrating or performing. Also, I don't have good pictures of the others because of how the space was lit and (more often) the way people were milling around and (most often) my open lack of experience trying to take photographs in conditions with high contrast lighting...

But, Piet Zwart is making extensive documentation that I believe they put into both Flickr and Youtube, so I will point to that when it's posted.

So, after seeing all this and staying really late, I just spent most of Sunday resting and taking the Spido tour, but today it was back to my research. This morning I went back over to Worm for another interview.

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