Monday, July 2, 2007

What We Expect of Students

I started this last night, but now it's morning...

I've just returned from another set of student exhibitions connected with Willem de Kooning and with Piet Zwart, the BA-Fine Arts graduation show from WdKA and the first-year MA-Fine Arts from PZI. I must say I didn't think the first year MA show looked much better than the BA show, and didn't even come close to the Media Design First Year MA show. It was almost all just formalist stuff, very little evidence of reflection on the media, and even though both exhibitions were not in formal gallery space, they looked as if that's where they belonged, in a white cube.

Also, one of the Media Design MA students was at the BA show, helping out. She happens to not yet be ready for her show that opens on Saturday, so why she was out at this other event...Students!

Tomorrow (I mean today, now) I meet with people from De Waag Society for Old and New Media, so I'll save more comments until after that.

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