Monday, August 13, 2007

Finally I found some amazing digital art

So I was saying last week (or maybe two weeks ago) that I hadn't really found any art that really moved me emotionally, but lo an behold, this week it falls into my lap. Or rather, inbox. Out of the blue I got a message from Joseph Nechvatal about a new Viral Symphony he has posted over at UbuWeb. We hadn't met, but we're both on Nettime-L and I guess he thought I might like it, which I did. But, since of course I then had to google Jospeph (because I am one of those who will virtually stalk someone via their online appearances if I find them interesting) I found his website and blog, both of which have links to some of his digital paintings.

I have to say I just love these. The paintings are really disturbing (in a good way) and also just cool as they are consumed by the virii, and I really connected to the music because in some way it really works with the blazing heat and profusion of growth we get in this part of the central valley during the summer. When you combine irrigation with constant sun, you get not only amazingly fruitful farms and orchards, but also weeds, molds, ants...all kinds of living things that seem poised to take over.

In addition to how much I enjoy the way these works express some sort of fecundity, also, reading some of Joseph's own texts and some texts about his work, I finally feel like I have a grip (however slippery) on some theoretical concepts I've been struggling with, so that was an unexpected pleasure.

Joseph has also been nice enough to answer my questions via email and pointed me to this video that shows the consumption of a digital painting:

And, if you like that, you can see more at his YouTube page.

--so cool to meet an artist who will answer emails even when they contain questions that are probably really basic.

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