Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The joys of a conference co-chair

So after months of not hearing so much from anyone else involved with our biannual conference, my co-chair, Betsy Eudey, and I have taken the bit in our collective teeth and chosen "Empire: Migrations, Diasporas, and Networks." Now we just have to line up speakers and finalize the dates... Hopefully I can get the website up and the call out next week.

And, I'm having two meeting. with our new dean, Carolyn Stefanco, today about all the projects we are trying to get started--the new MA, the new minor, the faculty workshops, my own research...and there are all the grant proposals! And the conference...We had one meeting, and that just wasn't enough time this morning, so we are meeting this afternoon as well! She's really interested in the idea of collaborating with Piet Zwart (yay!) and in international education generally. In fact, she will be away herself on a Fulbright scholarship during the fall term. I need to get her advice on applying for one of a year or two.

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