Friday, August 24, 2007

Second Life Explorations

What I've found so far:

  • for cheap and free stuff, visit Sarah Nerd and Vienna Freebies--the former has more variety, the latter has better quality (ie, less trampy looking). --But what makes it Viennese, I have no idea.
  • the virtual Rotterdam Stadt Museum is actually cool, but hard to move around in because it's a bit cluttered. I kept tripping against objects or accidentally going through the wall. Weird steam pipes hang off the bottom--what's the deal with that?
  • you can make money filling out surveys on money tree island, but it's a real pain--far longer than five minutes. Better to dance for money in a club...
  • surprising number of Dutch dance clubs...but I really have to visit the Rotterdam Gabber club. ;-)
  • quite a few locations where one and a partner can sit (or recline) and go through the motions of cuddling. I can't quite see the attraction and I'm reminded of the T-shirts sold on the "First Life" website--"I fornicate with my actual genitals." If the object of my desire were so far away, I'd rather save my money (or find a way to get some) and visit for real, instead of wasting time in SL.
So far there are some interesting things to look at and it might be fun to explore with friends, but a real city would be more fun any day...

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